Video Call

Telemedicine is the provision of consultative medical services via communication technologies when distance is a critical factor. Patient-physician collaboration is very important for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions. Avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital is obvious especially nowadays. Nevertheless, the patient should be willing to follow the doctor's instructions and go to a hospital if necessary.


For an appointment sms at tel. 6973620775 or email at 2 hours before the desired time.


  • Session through Skype or Viber
  • Duration of the telesession: 30min
  • Telesession costs: 30 euros (e-banking deposit before the appointment)
    ALPHA BANK: GR06 0140 9170 9170 0210 1030 280
    ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ: GR59 0171 3540 0063 5401 0165 219

 Available Hours


MONDAY: 11.00-14:00

THURSDAY: 11.00-14:00

SATURDAY: 17:00-21:00

SUNDAY: 11:00-14:00 & 18:00-21:00